Professional & Medical Fitout Finance


Our Professional Fitout Teams, can design and build professional suites that create an instant connection between your business and your clients, no matter what industry or services you work in.

Forget stark, boring spaces – the right professional suite Fitout will have a relaxed yet efficient ambience, which encourages your staff and clients to communicate openly, giving them confidence that they are dealing with a talented, professional team.

All this is achievable with a thoroughly thought out Fitout plan and design process, using high quality construction processes and finishes. The result achieved is a customised Fitout that is a polished and professional representation of who you are and what your business represents

For more about the great Professional and or Medical Fitout options available, call EquipFund’s Fitout Finance Team on 1800 378 473 and they will listen to you needs and put you in direct contact with one of our professional Fitout specialists to assist you in the upgrade or development of your professional office space or consulting rooms.

Upgrading your kitchen can be a costly affair, Call the Team at EquipFund's FITOUT FINANCE to assist in your needs, they team have solutions to take the funding pain out of your greenfield build or kitchen upgrade. At the same time talk to them about their supply partners, they can introduce you to a number of professional shop fitters and kitchen catering equipment suppliers.


We have over our years of trading, developed great relationships with fit out and equipment supply specialists, so no matter what you are seeking…, an entrance to your venue that makes a statement to take peoples breath away or a venue that allows people to totally relax then we have a current group of support people that are happy to assist you in developing your dream venue

The Team as Fitout Finance, understand that no two hospitality fit outs are alike and along with this we all have a different budget to complete this. We note that this process is a daunting task with so much planning, colour selections and then there is the kitchen design. But don’t despair if you have just started looking into this process, then the Team at Fitout Finance are happy to work with you and introduce you to Fitout Partners and Equipment suppliers that are experts in their trades and who are more than happy to accommodate any ounce of change that you are wanting to make happen to make your venue the best that it can be. No matter if it’s a simple coffee shop or a full scale franchise restaurant chain, we are here to support you and your business.



Sometimes in life its best to go it alone and we will assist you along the way to achieve your business goals

We have Funding packages that are tailored to assist in the start-up of your dream business and not only can we assist you with equipment, but our supply chain partners can work with you with development of your beverage and coffee delivery options…

Talk to the EquipFund Fitout Finance Team about their Quick $ 50,000 option to get your doors open today…

Some Start up’s may be required to support their funding request with an initial deposit of up to 30% of the funding needs that they have.

Before taking out a 12 month Cashflow Draining Facility on offer in the market place, consider you options and talk to the EquipFund Equipment Finance Team and see how they can assist you as we are here to help you succeed and we want you to have a pleasurable experience rather than feeling that you are held ransom for 12 months and then you still do not own the equipment without paying a large amount to other industry funders



We offer many funding packages in support of your business development.


We offer a dedicated $ 75,000 (Incl GST) for Non-professional firms seeking funding without the need to produce financials (Conditions Apply)

To qualify for this package you must meet minimum criteria:

Trading for 2 years; be a Property Owner; or trading for over 5 years and be GST registered

This is for any form of fitout including

  • Cafes;
  • Hotels,
  • Pubs.
  • Clubs,
  • and even Health & Fitness Centres (247 GYMS)

Funding starts from $ 2,000 and up to $ 500,000 with Terms from 12 to 60 Months, based on the applicants ability to produce Financial statements


Whilst the FITOUT of a venue can be a tasking and complex issue, the EquipFund Fitout Finance Team have a number of Fitout Specialists and Equipment Suppliers on-board to be able to support your business rebrand and development.

We can even partner you up with our Coffee Partner whom not only supply you with state of the are coffee machines but they also produce some of the best world renown blends of coffee beans and all simply accessible through a quick phone call

So if it’s a great cup of coffee that you want to serve, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction for a no obligation free demonstration of what our partners can offer you and your customers

So if it’s a great cup of coffee that you want to serve, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction for a no obligation free demonstration of what our partners can offer you and your customers


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